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"Jenifer's book is a must for your morning meditation...You will be guided to better, saner living."
~ Karen Casey, best-selling author of more than 25 books on recovery, including Each Day A New Beginning
You are clean and sober, and are now free to make your life one of purpose and integrity, one that fully expresses your innate gifts and talents; one that enables you to be of great service to others in and out of the rooms of recovery. 

That life is not without its challenges. Day by day, you will come face-to-face with people, places, and things that test your resolve to live a more meaningful life.   
And in those times, you may just need a suggestion...
...a thought, a word or an action for how to move through your challenges and experience the promise of "a new freedom and a new happiness."

Living The Promises: Coming to Life on the Road to Recovery brings you all of that and more, with stories, meditations, and strategies—one day at a time—for getting out of the rooms, into the world, and finding joy, love, and purpose in this amazing sober life!
Meet The woman behind the book
Jenifer Madson
My name is Jenifer Madson, and on September 25, 1985, I started my journey of sobriety, and credit my success of the last 32 years to the grace of my Higher Power, 12-Step, spiritual, and personal growth programs, and the support of thousands just like me who loved me back to wellness and beyond!  

In Living The Promises: Coming to Life on the Road to Recovery, I tell my story of recovery as suggested in the program: I tell you what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now, not with “drunkalogues” to convince you of my qualifications, but through stories and sayings and strategies that might help you or someone you know get sober, stay sober, and live a life of joy. 
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Service to others in action...
Review By Seek2Know
Living the Promises is truly a gift to anyone who picks it up! Jenifer's humble wisdom and unfaltering belief in seeing the good in all can be sensed on each and every page. She graciously and gently encourages the reader to turn difficulty and life challenges into opportunities to learn, grow, and express our hightest calling. It cannot help but uplift and encourage the reader to reach higher, go deeper and unselfishly share what has so feely been given them.
Reaches far beyond recovery...
Review By Gail R.
When I first encountered "Living the Promises" and began reading it, it quickly became a potent "daily vitamin" I look forward to each day. It wasn't until about a month or more into reading that the big picture came into focus. The power and messages in "Living the Promises" transcend---Jenifer Madson's skillfully crafted wisdom is insightful both inside and outside the context of recovery. I agree with the other reviewers as well: the directness and simplicity of the book are refreshing.
Speak what you know...
Review By CVS
Jen is a hometown girl that has lived the life you read. At first you think that she is just really good with pen to paper. But as you move through her trials you understand that there is no mistake how she came to write this book with caring and sharing in mind.

She takes the time to let you know that it is OK to put yourself first at times in your life and makes you want to share what you learn. Jen has made it through the other side , and gives us tools to make a path for ourselves with light and love that makes us want to be better people. Every day there is a new tool to help cope, point us in a better direction and baby step us to help and know the difference. When I have learned enough I will pass this book on to another, because she makes sharing in itself is a positive step in the right direction. I am a better person to her credit!! And keep her in my prayers for her contribution to mankind. Love it Jen!
What's inside the book •
Here are some of the highlights of the book:
Not only does Jenifer share daily meditations, she includes:
  • Her story of recovery relative to "the Promises" of 12-step sobriety
  • Lessons from her sponsors in day-to-day sober living
  • A core word of contemplation for each month
Sample Pages •
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